Yar River Trail

This page describes the Yar River Trail on the Isle of Wight between source [Niton] and sea [St Helens]

Walks: Yar River Trail

This is an official path - though official web descriptions are had to come by.

There are two River Yars on the island (a problem with originality in the past?) - this is the longer of the two.

Description of the path

The route follows the longer River Yar in the island from source to sea (or the other way round.)

In 2016 we completed the walk in three stages from teh sea to the source..

The route coincides with a number of other walks such as The Worsley Trail for short sections. The middle section follows the old Newport - Sandown railway for 4-5 km..

Passage places are (source to sea) Niton, Godshill, Alverstone, Sandown, Brading, Bembridge and St Helens.

Yar River Trail Path Stats

1. Overall

Topic Info comment
Terminus Niton Water source
Terminus St Helen's Sea mark
Total Distance 32.3 km
Lowest point Bembridge Harbour 2m [amsl]
Highest point Niton 108m [amsl]

2. The Stages

The stages below are those completed. The distance is taken from gps track data.

If a stage below is underlined you can find out more about it by clicking on the stage name.

Stage Distance Terrain
St Helens - Sandown 12.3 km flat
Sandown - Godshill 10.9 km flat
Godshill - Niton 9.1 km moderate

3. Progress Table: Overall percent and total distance walked so far.

Completed % Who Distance Year Notes
9% completed KM, HM 32.3 km 201603 - 201606 sea to source

Notes for walkers:

Of course it is possible to walk the entire path in one day or break it into different segments. We traveled from Romsey for each stage and therefre had to fit around rail/ferry and bus timetables.

Points of Interest

Bembridge Windmill - early 18th C Bembridge Windmill: - well worth calling in to see how flour was milled using wind power. Owned by the National Trust.
River Yar, Brading Marshes Brading Marshes: - now silted up and water levels are manged. In Roman times the river was considered navigable as far as Brading Roman Villa (on the route).


Start: 30 March 2016

End: 03 June 2016

References & Links:

Date Reference or link
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20160604 Yar River Trail [Island Rivers site - with sketch maps]

Updated KM 04 June 2016