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Version 5.1 Release: Spring 2022

WELCOME to threekitchenhill - People & Places - a history for a distributed family ...

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Welcome to threekitchenhill!

Spring 2022: The site has now been updated to v5.1

This version is the 2nd phase of the rebuild and introduces significantly more functionality. This is supported by new content in each topic area. See the latest news item for more details.

Note the site is responsive to device screen sizes and will rearrange the layout across large screens to mobile phones.

To find out more about the aims - please take a look at the About section: READ MORE »

Post Update Note - 03 May 2022

As is usual there were several issues to fix after uploading the site. These have all been resolved and the site is now running as expected.

Several spelling errors have been noticed (as always - once committed) and an occasional To Be Completed. We'll aim to resolve any significant issues during May.

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NEWS v5.1 Update

This update has introduced menus in all the main topic areas: people, partners, names, places & events. Each of these sections offers a limited number of content items [for now] aimed at testing and proving the structure and approach.

It is primarily aimed at family members having a common interest - but wider interest is welcome - especially if you have information about the people & places.

Read the full article here: READ MORE »

Version 5.2 - Content Nominations

Nominations from family members please!

Suggestions for additional profiles of: PEOPLE, PARTNERS, HOMES and EVENTS to be included in the next version of the site are welcome. .

Please get in touch before the end of August 2022. - Many thanks.

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