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The overall objective of threekitchenhill is to report “People & Places - a history for a distributed family”. The mian purpose is a family history website, though it goes beyond individuals to include the locations where people have lived, worked and relaxed.

It is intended for immediate & existing family members and friends. However we have received and very much welcomed, feedback from third parties interested in the site or now living in some of the locations. If you have any information about the people and places, mentioned (or maybe some who are omitted!) - feel free to get in touch.

Family Names

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The records FAMILY NAMES structured in groups. The usual family tree diagrams are too unwieldly for a web page, though it can be broken into segments that link together.

In most cases male family names usually get taken forward as family names - but we will aim to reflect both partners equally - using the female family name.


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The The INDIVIDUAL pages are each dedicated to a single family member. With over 2,500 people in the Family Historian database - this will have to be selective.

The page reports a short personal overview and timeline of the main life events for that individual (those we know of) including homes, occupations etc.


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The PARTNER pages record life events for selected partners and their families. The partnership timeline includes children, homes and related life event etc, where the information is available.


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The LOCATION pages highlight family places from the records.

This will mainly be family homes but may include places of work, ceremony [eg wedding] etc.


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The The EVENTS pages record a variety of family events. The listing may include events from the past to present day such as anniversaries, weddings and in selected cases holiday & trip locations - especially where more than one family is involved.

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