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This page outlines the aim and contents of the Events section.


Life is a succession of events and no life is independent of any other, our lives are mostly shared experiences.

From growing up, birthdays, education, moving home, partners, holidays and raising children the sequence is a common thread while it varies from person to person. For everyone the main milestones are the same and many are shared jointly with others.

Life events in family history?

While we can instantly recall many of our own special moments, and those we'd rather forget, what do we know of previous generations?. The key insight to this are photographs. We have only one photograph earlier than 1900 and informal photographs earlier than 1920 are rare. .

So don't know very much about personal events prior to the 20thC since there is little evidence or stories to tell. We are then largely dependent on public records to support an individual's life event timeline.


What kind of event?

In some cases we can interpret the record but for the majority of individuals and partners the pages of the Events section will be formed from material recorded within the last 100 years.

The scope of events is potentially large and as we have seen - we are dependent on material to tell the story. Therefore the main events that we will primarily cover are outline below:

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Birthdays come by once a year - but sometimes people decide to make an event of one, whether it is a special number or just the desire to get people together.

{event type}

Fred Bean 90th Birthday 2012

Holidays & Trips

Holidays and trips are important events each year to refresh yourself and discover new locations and and ways of life.

{event type}

Breakfast crew at Aix-les-Bains 1979


As in the past people move home to seek new work opportunities and regular family involvement then gets interupted.

Meetups at some location where peopel can spend more thah an hour or two together are often very rewarding experiences and can help maintain links over several generations.

{event type}

A late autumn beach walk - Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey 2021


The formal marking of a partnership is an important step in anyone's life - whatever the process involved. It is also a time for the involvement of family and friends.

{event type}

Jack & Lilian Ogden, St Bees, Cumberland 1918

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