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Website Aims and Structure

The overall objective of threekitchenhill is to report “Family History for a distributed family”. So it is largely a family history website, though it goes beyond people to include the locations where people have lived, worked and relaxed.

It is intended for the immediate family members and friends though we have had welcome feedback from third parties.

Social History

As one visits different places or reads articles - it is obvious that society celebrates "notable" people, from politicians, engineers, military chiefs and the so called commercial giants of the Victorian era. They are often well known names.

The reality was often very different since few of these people achieved anything on their own. Indeed millions of people lived in poor conditions working long hours so that profits of the enterprise were achieved. Success more often does depend on large number of people working together to a common goal. Today, thankfully, compared with the Victorian era or even the early 20thC - society is much more equitable (though far from perfect and sadly some would like to take us back there). We ought to recognise to lives of everyone who has made a contribution, however minor that may appear.

So by documenting these family generations: it should help redress the balance in favour of everyone involved.

Along the way - aspects of life, work and social events of these earlier generations will also illustrate aspects of wider social history.

Family History

A lot of time and effort is required unearthing information about our previous generations. Today's families are more geographically dispersed than ever before - so the web is an obvious place to share information about long lost or even familiar relatives.

Separate sections cover individuals (by family name) as well as partnerships .

For reasons of privacy living family members are not documented - though they may appear in events.

Family Locations

It has never been easier to find out about where previous generations of your family lived and worked and to be able to communication this in different ways. Though many properties were rebuilt in the late 19thC a large number of the homes and places of work of people died over a century or two ago still exist.

Old maps and documents can help recover the geography of their lives and hint at the kind of society they lived in.

Family Events

To ensure that the site is not all past history a selection of past and recent events are also included.

Data Sources

All records are stored in Family Historian. This is an offline database and now includes over 2,500 individuals. The majority of these [over 2,000] were collected by Gerald Crowther.

A planned page will provide more information about the various data sources


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