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Family Names | Introduction

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A selection of names from recent generations.

Family Names

The selection of family names above relate to two distinct family groups [Crowther & Murray] over three generations. This page outlines the approach in visualising the structure and related pages will provide combinations of group name maps as well as subset family groups within the map. How this works is dependemt on the extent of the research ie extensive research = lots of people = complex diagrams = need to use more subsets.


In earlier vserions of the site visualising connectons has proven to be the most difficult part to address.

For most people their knowledge reaches as far as grandparents and then tails off very quickly ie three generations. Fortunately Family Historian keeps a full chart or every persoon recorded but it also provides a way to create any mumber of subsets. The three examples below illustrate the digrams that will be available via this page or in other sections [individual and partners].

Ancestors of John Murray [junior]

fam group chart
John Murray [jun.].

The diagram shows three generations prior to John Murray [junior]

Ancestors of James Murray

james murray anc
James Murray

The diagram shows all researched generations prior to James Murray where the early records are still being recovered. There is an overlap with the first diagram.

Ancestors of Alice Crowther [nee Thompson]

For earlier cases the diagrams from Family Historian are used:

murray pre 1900
Alice Thompson

The diagram shows four generations prior to Alice Thompson and more exist. This is about as many levels can be shown while just remaining legible.

Linked Charts and Subsets

The names charts from "links" page will offer a few overview diagrams and subsets are cross linked.

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