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Individuals and Partners

We often see references to "great people" especially when reading about past events, and many of these did good things. Often this greatness was offset by the way they made their "success", how they exploited their workers the way they ram their business and we can seee that continuing today.

In practice it was not the rich and famous that generated wealth,food and security but the people living ordinary lives. They rarely had much to cheer about in the 19thC, an era when where millions moved from rural employment to towns and factories. Their health and life expectancy often suffered significantly as a consequence.

These pages celebrate the lives of people we have known more recently and those from back in time who we have never met.

Family life changes over time, as we can see from these records - but the constant for most is a set of shared experiences. Those who have been orphaned or fostered will have had a different experience of course.

As we have seen in the names section the interelationships between family groups can be complex (and difficult to portray effectively). People on these pages are presented in two ways: as an individual and as a partnership where they entered a relationship and shared their lives with others.

Note: people will also appear in the places and the events pages.


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The individual's page will provide a brief overview of their life.

For each individual a personal timeline of their the main life events is shown including where they lived and their occupations. In some cases this infornation is drawn entirely from the public records and in others it is supplemented by additional information.



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The partnership report will provide a brief overview of different aspects of their life - where the information is available.

This can include an event timeline [any children they had, homes they lived in, employment, holidays etc]. Unless there is very little information these will usually to be separate reports.


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