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Morecambe Bay from Knowlys Drive, Heysham


In the 19th century people moved long distances to find work. Within this family Maria Powell at the age of around 14 moved from Oakengates in Shropshore to Heywood ~1890, James Murray moved from the Scottish Borders to Wigan around ~ 1880 and likewise George Sanderson moved from Glasgow to Middleton around this time again.

People have always gone through cycles of migration and settling down. Under the location section, places associated with different members of the family are described.

People and places are inextricably linked - “everything happens somewhere”.

from birth to home, school to college, holidays and birthdays, weddings and funerals - they all happen somewhere. While our ancestors may no longer be with us - many of the homes they lived in still exist.


The majority of the events and locations have taken place in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Emigration, as always, has been common with relations moving to other countries. This has increased from the early 19thC and includes countries such as: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand and Spain.


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UK local areas

In 1974 the administrative geography changed radically. Much was lost with those changes, many towns and rural communities lost their local administration and governance when they were swallowed up by larger boroughs in urban areas and distant councils in rural areas.

For statistics and longitudinal studies such as family history there is no longer a good relationship with the geography existing today. For example records about people in Lancashire and Yorkshire [West Riding] in the 1960's bear no correlation with Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Calderdale et al today.

Since most records refer to the pre-1974 administrative geography in UK - that epoch will be used as the basis for records on this site. For example Murray records from the Scottish Borders will refer to Roxburghshire and Selkirkshire and where required noted back to the current geography. In some cases this means that extant, but corrupt spelling of some admin names, will be retained eg Caernarvonshire.


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