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This page introduces the places section and why locations are relevant to family research.

The contents of the related pages are outlined.

"Everything happens somewhere"

Every part of our live happens somewhere and that was just as true for the generations that have preceded us.

That might be where we/they were born, lived, went to school, worked or visited on holiday, worked etc.

While the people are no longer with us - the places they frequented often are. Some may have changed and others would still be recognised by a visitor from the past.

The places pages pick up on this thread and highlight some of the locations known to the individuals and families recorded elsewhere on this site.

Initally this will start with family homes and can be expanded in future. Additional locations will also appear in the events pages.

Types of location?

Places and locations are often associated with positive or negative feelings depending on our experiences there. This can be amplified for us when several people have shared an experience at some location.

The features below offer a starting point for the places pages:

Family Homes

The focus for families: a place where people live togther and maybe where children have been born.

A place where children grow up and then leave to creat their own homes. A place of fun at reunions and parties and of sadness when people died there.

While the ancestors we have never met are out of reach - the places where they lived often still exist.

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17 Alexandra Street, Hopwood

The Ogden family outside 17 Alexandra Steet ca 1922. The property would suffer broken windows during WW2 as a result of bombs falling nearby.


Working place: for some work and home was the same place. Farm labourers lived in tied buildings and would never be far from their toils.

In later years people traveled to work often by bus or bicycle and their own vehicles latterly.

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Baittens Farm Cottages near Jedburgh

The Murray family lived here and worked here around 1891.

Public Buildings

Weddings, baptisms & funerals, education: Key stages of important life events are often marked by a formal "service" of some kind - in order to publically recognise the fact. This can be religous, secular or a formal registration process - in each case as fornal document will bear witness to the fact.

Places of education also reflect the individual's journey through the education system from infant to adult.

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Magdala Street School, Hopwood

A school photograph from 1934 featuring Dorothy Grundy [centre 2nd row from front]

Event Locations

Holidays, trips & meetups The time to get away and leave your cares behind you. A good holiday can change the course of your life.

Everyone loves a good location - a sea view or mountain vista - or easy access to city highligts - the location makes all the diffence.

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Grundy-Lomas-Murray Holiday at Tenby 1963

The three car convoy to Tenby - [note several more Grundy's are missing in this photo].

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